QFIND, speaking for you, when you can’t

QFIND is a powerful app combined with our superior tagging device to provide tracking and medical notification within seconds when scanned.

Easily locate your loved once

Notifies Loved ones of an emergency Location and unlocks profile and medical information when scanned.

First responder access

Benefits of our product

Emergency Contacts Listed

Pivotal Medical Info

Track your family when scanned

Identifies you in an Emergency

qfind app

Simple to use

Easy Registration

Free Registration within seconds enabling you to help in an emergency instantly

Scan the code

Devices (Wrist Band) with linked QR Codes ready to be scanned and programmed to release information and notify recipients as pre-set

Easily Locate your loved ones

Notifies loved ones of an emergency location and Unlocks profile and medical information

Some cool features about QFIND Device

  • Device Affordable For Everyone No Elaborate Costs
  • Download App for Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Skin Friendly, Light Weight, Trendy, Lush and more Custom Designs available soon
  • No Risk Of Battery Dying
  • No Charging
  • No GPS Or Wifi Built Into Device

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